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This post will be entirely random. Enjoy.

Today was a good day. But not in an over excited bouncing off the walls want to live it again and again kind of way. I feel calm, I feel I’ve been productive and I feel happy.

That fact that I was babysitting till 12:30 last night and so am now shattered probably has something to do with that…

Anyway, on to the day’s musings. During period three, the sandwiched between recess and lunch, I sat in on my first ever Philosophy lesson. It wasn’t really planned, I just followed Livi and Anna to their classroom and was invited in. I really liked it. The fact that I’m not actually taking the subject and so didn’t have to take notes or worry about remembering specific terms or names meant that I could just sit and discuss and absorb.

The lesson was all a discussion on Law and Liberty and firstly how different people try and make laws that truely benefit society without endangering their liberty. Then we talked about how, in a liberal democratic society some people are, under some circumstances, allowed to break laws. Civil disobedience, never thought about it before.

So yes, my delve into the world of Mr N’s philosophy lessons was highly enjoyable and I hope they have me back sometime. In other news today I queued for a silly length of time in the post office to hand in a form telling transport for london a whole bunch of stuff about me that they allready know. Then I went to Waterstones and got 10% off the geography textbook I had to buy because the guy at the till got the The Big Band Theory reference when I said “I don’t have a student card because there just isn’t space for one in my wallet”.

Amen and Out


I said over a month ago that I’d tell you all about the nerdfighter gathering and what it was like meeting John Green. So I forgot, sorry.

But I can tell you that it was so freakin’ awesome I wrote 11 pages in my diary about it which is officially a record for a single day. Some highlights from the day included organised fun in Jubilee Gardens, Going to England’s first ever Chipotle, Listening to John Green talk for almost an hour while sitting on a stack of his books (Livi and I were right at the back), Hearing John Green say “Tiffin Girls? Oh my god you go to Rosi’s school! I’ve heard all about it you’re school is awesome!”, Eating (half of) my first ever (cold) burrito, The JANICE LEATHER INTERNATION > ICE FATHER NATION sign, sing alongs in the queue, finally getting to the front of the queue after 3 hours, getting to know Shane (after failing to actually get into the gig), getting a photo with John Green, Actually getting into the gig!, Sitting on the floor (Shane and I were right at the back, (recurring theme? I think so)) listening to Sons of Admirals, Listening to John Green talking about imagining people complexly, Conversations about curiosity, Acting upon curiosities, Getting on the tube going the wrong way on the way home and not caring but instead enjoying the ride.

So yeah, it was a pretty awesome day.

In other, more recent news, today I went to the dentist. The bus went the wrong way. I ended up being late. It was a waste of an afternoon.

In some slightly better news today during registration Livi and I started chatting about Busted. Busted, for those of you who aren’t cool enough to remember, were the coolest pop rock boyband of the early noughties. This converstaion lead me to get an iTunes card in town today and download a number of their more memorable songs. How can you not love a band who you caused you to rock out to lyrics like:

One day
when I came home
at lunchtime
I heard a funny noise
went out
to the back yard
to find out
if it was one of those rowdy boys
stood there
was my neighbour
called Peter
and a Flux Capasitor

He told me he built a time-machine, like one in in a film I’ve seen, yeah

Amen and Out

PostScript I’m totally still waiting for Busted’s seventh album.

I was originally going to write this blog about a manboy called Charlie who I once played footsie with under a table while we were having lunch. Then I thought that would be weird and so refrained.

In other news I get to meet New York Times Best-selling author John Green in three days! I am very excited about this. But I will talk more about this once I’ve actually met him.

On to the main body of this post. As most of you know I took GCSE Art. I chose it because I like art and because I’d heard that you were allowed to listen to your iPod during the exam. What I didn’t know was that an awful lot of Art GCSE consists of writing about other people’s artwork. Sometimes this caused me to end up writing fairly strange things when a deadline was coming up and so I was just trying to fill to page as quickly as I could. Here are so of my words of wisdom from my pages about Gary Hume:

“I do not like Hume’s work. I simply do not like it. I think that it is Ugly, I think that it is Bland and I simply do not like it. Here are some more things I don’t like:

  • His use of colour
  • His subject matter
  • His whole style

I have come to the conclusion that I would rather eat the paint I am going to use in my final piece then use it to paint my piece in the style of Gary Hume. I’m sure he’s a perfectly nice guy and he’s talented but I just personally hate his work.

Well, maybe HATE is too strong a word. Infact I quite like the piece on the right. I don’t think it’s particularly good I just think that the blue blobby thing looks cute. It’s a bit like some king of Amoeba floating in an algae filled pond. And I have a soft spot for Amoeba. However this is THE only piece of Hume’s work that I have found I even vaguely like.

I have painted a female Amoeba below to go with Hume’s Amoeba that I have decided is male as it is blue and I am in a stereotypical mood. I think what makes the cute is the size, shape and distance apart of the eyes. I spent a long time of that.”

I then went on to fill almost a whole page with a block colour painting of a lilac Amoeba. And that my friends is some A* GCSE artwork.

On a different note entirely my mother bought a miniature cheese grater today and it made me smile.

Amen and Out

Bethany Cheyenne Winona Mary Mossop is a slave driver. Just thought I’d clear that up.

In the time since I last graced the internet with my words frankly nothing very exciting has happened. I did a bunch of exams, I finished my exams, I had a couple of days off during which I bought stationary and decorated a new folder and then on Monday I went back to school. As I said before, nothing interesting.

Even since I’ve been back at school the only thing people are talking about is Universities. Where they want to go, what they want to do, what they need , what they want, whether they think they’re going to get what they need or want… It’s all a bunch of questions without answers and it’s doing my head in. I wish it was simpler, I wish that universities would have to come looking for us and then just pick who they wanted for whichever course. Then I could just sit back and let the fates decide rather than stressing about not having signed up for enough open days, or not getting the grades, or physically being capable of putting 17 years into 400 words which seems to be what they expect you to do with a personal statement.

On a very different note, Porcupines and superior to Elephants.

What I really hate about University applications and things is they way that Universities do all this stuff to advertise themselves to you and then decide that they don’t want you afterall. It seems you just can’t please some people.

Anyway, enough about the “U-word” instead I’ll finish by talking about something much nicer, Glee.

I have not yet seen the final episode but will have done by Monday. I love Glee, in fact no, I Adore Glee. I love the concept, the characters, the music, the timing… It’s all simply brilliant. I’ve always liked musicals and Glee is like getting a miniature musical every week! Despite my love of the idea of being part of a Show Choir I do not want one at my school. We are an all girls’ school, we would have no male leads and so would spend our whole time trying to get around that which I just wouldn’t like. We’ll have to stick to just having Mr P’s monster choir which was cristened this after one session early last year when over 250 people turned up.

I’m going to finish here because I’ve got hay fever at the moment which makes me really tired. But I hope anyone reading this is well and that the revolution comes soon.

Amen and Out

PostScript  I am so excited for the final two episodes of the current series of Doctor Who!! Maybe I shouldn’t go to University but instead just stay home and watch re-runs of Doctor Who…

OK  Before you read any further make sure that you have either watched Series 5 Episode 9 of Doctor Who “Cold Blood” or that you have no real interest in Doctor Who generally and so don’t mind me telling you what happens.


Ok, I’ve given people more than enough warning.

Well, yesterday I said that although I liked the character of Rory Amy’s Fiance I “kinda wish he’d take a step back”. Today Rory was not only killed whilst saving the Doctor but also erased from Space and Time. And I feel solely responsible.

I really liked the episode, I loved the Silurians (especially the nice scientist guy) and I did not see what happened at the end coming at all. It was so sudden, he was there and then he was gone. I didn’t even have time to mourn the loss before Vincent Van Gogh was flashing in front of me.

Although I will dearly miss Rory and I do have every faith that the Doctor will be able to bring him back, I am also hoping that his non-existence will allow for a few Eleven/Amy moments, which may of course in turn lead to them remembering Rory so it could be a good thing for everyone.

Anyways, I’m not going to make this any longer as I realise that I possess a tendency to ramble rather. I will however say that I am very excited for what is to come and that if I could talk about the evolution of Silurians in my Human Biology exam rather then of us apes I wouldn’t be struggling quite so much to concentrate on my revision.

Amen and Out

Today I watched a video of charlieissocoollike (who I’ve met, twice, and had lunch with (sort of)) eating fish fingers with a tin of ambrosia custard, Suzy Warner-Nicholas (who I’ve also eaten lunch with several times but who isn’t famous on the internet or presenting a BAFTA this year) posted a status update on facebook saying that she had just eaten a tin of custard and these related events reminded me that I still hadn’t fulfilled my promise of talking about Doctor Who. (Wow that was a long sentence.)

But I am going to remedy that now by answering a survey:

Do you like Matt Smith?: Yes, he’s pretty dapper…

How does he compare to David Tennant?: The two are not comparable.

Do you like Steven Moffat? Yes

Do you think the writing on this series has been as good as that on the previous 4 series?: No, some of the guest writers have been a bit weak.

Do you like Karen Gillan?: Yes, I think she’s really cool, and kind of wish I was her…

Do you like Eleven/Amy?: Yes (one of the main reasons I want to be Karen Gillan).

Do you like Rory/ Arthur Darvill?: Yes, but I kind of wish he’d take a step back like Mickey so there can be more Eleven/Amy.

Which Episodes have you liked the most?: The Eleventh Hour, The Beast Below, Flesh and Stone, Amy’s Choice

Which Episodes have you like the least?: The Victory of the Daleks

There you go, my Doctor Who related views have been published, I might do a review of tomorrow’s episode on Sunday, I might not. On another Who related note I have got back into a Doctor Who adventures buying habit, it may be a magazine aimed at 8 year old boys but this week I got a free Doctor Who Yo-yo so it’s totally worth the weird look I get when I buy one.

As far as exams are concerned I’m 9 down 3 to go.

Thanks to exams the best way to describe the state of my brain is by relating it to minestrone soup, a little bit of everything left over swimming about in a lot of weak sloppy stuff.

Amen and Out

Today I had my second Exam. General Studies.

The exam could have been about literally anything. Politics, art, music, gender imbalance, religion, racism… And what was ours about?

Postman Pat

Postman Pat was never my favourite TV show. Fireman Sam was just cooler, Camberwick Green had better social stereotypes and The Herb Garden had simply better characters (namely Parsley the Lion).

But my favourite all time children’s TV show was Ivor the Engine. I know what some of you are thinking. Who is this Ivor train? What happened to Thomas the Tank Engine? Well Ivor the Engine existed long before Thomas as was animated even before Ringo Star’s voice broke.

Ivor did all sorts of things from rescuing fox cubs to being pulled out of snow drifts by elephants to hatching dragons in his furnace. He was amazing and he was Welsh.

Amen and Out

PostScript Pusssshhhhtikoffff  Pusssshhhhtikoffff   Pusssshhhhtikoffff 

Two post in as many days, what has become of the world??

Well here I am again. Once again on Bethany’s orders. And also because I kinda spilt nail varnish on my fluvial erosion and deposition notes and so I can’t possibly continue my revision until I’ve overcome this travesty whichhashadadevastatingaffectonmymentalwellbeingofcourse…

Anyway, excuses for procrastination over with I’ll let you know what I’ve been getting up to.

At the precise moment I am listening to 4 Minutes by the cast of Glee. It is cover of the Madonna, JT song that i maybe heard once or twice in its original form. And I’ve become slightly obsessed with it. The beat is just so dahm catchy. The show choir band and lyricism combined with modern bass line is incredible.

For those of you who are aware of the limited extent of my music taste you’ll know that I don’t listen to much beyond the realms of YouTube with 11 of my top 25 most played on iTunes being about Harry Potter and only 7 by “mainstream” artists. And one of those is a Frank Turner song, which only just counts. So the fact that yesterday I downloaded covers of: 4 Minutes, Ice Ice Baby and U Can’t Touch This among others really shows how Glee manages to appeal to the masses.

On another fairly nerdy sounding note I had my first AS exam today. It was Critical Thinking, a subject taken only by people who thought it would make them look good to do an extra AS Level. And at the price of only an hour of painstaking boredom a week at the hands of Mrs E, the seasoned psychology teacher it seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up.

It’s not often that so many fairly intelligent people are so wrong.

It was an hour and a half of my life that I wasted talking about Counter-Assertions and Intermediate Conclusions. And tomorrow I’ve got General Studies. So many exams with so little point.

The final thing to talk about is the job I have been offered! Moneeyz whoopee!

It’s at Kingston Library! (O.k. I just realised that the exclamation mark there was pretty much the icing on the top of the neek cake which is this post but never mind)

It’s Miranda’s job at the moment but since she’s going to university soon she asked if I’d be interested in it. For those of you who do not know Miranda, she’s in the year above, the old TSO and we went to nursery together a very long time ago. It was called 197, it was awesome.

So yeah, if I get the job you can all come visit me in the library on a Saturday… Or not.

Amen and Out

PostScript I still haven’t talked about Doctor Who… I will. Eventually. 

Why am I here? Good question. More on that later.  

I went into WHSmiths today to buy Glue. Just ordinary glue, Pritt Stick infact. And as always I wanted the medium size, the 20g stick. The one that’s not so small it looks like it could be lip balm or the one that so large it weighs more than the rest of my school bag put togther. However the only 20g Pritt Sticks available came with free “Moon Dust Glitter”. This “Moon Dust Glitter” is really just ordinary silver glitter but was given away free with Pritt Sticks throughout 2009 to celebrate 40 years of Pritt Stick which coincides with the 40 year anniversary of man landing on the moon.  

Which frankly is the most tenous reason to force glitter upon someone that I’ve ever heard.I now have three tubes of glitter I have no use for.  

Plus not only was glitter forced upon me against my will I also was not allowed to but tippex! Because I couldn’t show the middle aged woman behind the till any ID that proves I’m over 18! The fact that I’m not yet over 18 is besides the point, it’s only tippex for crying out loud! So then I had to go to Rymans aswell where I not only was more than old enough to buy tippex but they also sell 20g Pritt Stick without the glitter! Frankly next time I’ll go to Rymans first.  

Despite my strong feelings towards glitter and the fact that it is now easier for me to buy Vodka than tippex my trip to WHSmiths is not the only reason that I’m making a half hearted attempt to write here again.  

The other reason is Bethany:  

11 Year old Bethany being charming as always

This is Bethany

I have known Bethany since she was 6 and I was 5, she moved in round the corner from me and I let her play with my hoop at lunch time on her first day at our primary school. Friendship was that simple back then.  

Bethany recently left a comment on my facebook page (which I rarely look at myself so I was surprised that she’d spent so long doing so that she’d actually found the link to this site) saying that she’d found and read this blog and that I should update it. So here I am glitter and all. I could spend the rest of this blog telling embarrassing stories about Bethany but I’m not that cruel (which is why I didn’t post the photo of her dressed as a cave child for Dumble the Dinosaur which we performed in in reception).  

Instead I am going to go to bed because I was up early eating chocolate, because on Sunday Jesus Christ rose from the dead and told me to.  

Amen and Out  

PostScript I will talk about the new Doctor Who… If I ever return…..

I’ve been generally a bit down today, for the main reason that I really hit home to day that none of my good friends are in ANY of my classes. Fia and Livi are in my form which is cool but I hardly get to see everyone else.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much about my day, in places it was good. I got jabbed against Cervical Cancer which considering the possible alternative is pretty awesome and I’ve been selective to be interviewed for the position of Managing Director for one of the school’s Young Enterprise companies.

Despite all of this I still kind of bored and lost without my friends, and I also feel kind of bottled up so I thought I’d tell you my secrets, because you’re my friends.

I actually wrote this list about 5 or so months ago when that “25 Things” Meme was going around facebook but then didn’t have the nerve to put it up, but now I think I have the courage to put it here. I warn you some of it’s a bit old and so not so relevent anymore but I’ll try and make that clear with annotations in italics like this.

1. I’ve never written a Facebook Note before and it took me a while to work out how to do it.      I still haven’t ever actually published a facebook note.


2.Whenever my dad asks me if I want anything when he goes shopping I always ask for smarties. Recently he’s found that hardly anywhere apart from our local co-op sells smarties anymore, so he stocked up so that he can magically produce a packet whenever he goes to the shops. He doesn’t know that I found the stash in his desk draw. I wish I hadn’t found it so it remained secret and magical.       The secret stash still exists.


3. I’ve told a number of people that I ate a whole pencil for a dare. This isn’t true. I’ve eaten many whole pencils, out of choice, I’ve developed some weird habit and now I find it really hard to keep hold of pencils.      Still the case.


4.I still haven’t got around to uploading Suga’s Fall Out Boy CD to my computer even though I’ve had it for 18 days now. Its one of several things I’m putting off doing for no apparent reason.  I did actually get round to doing that not that long after I wrote this.


5. I buy Doctor Who Adventures magazine every week, even though it’s meant for 7-11 year olds. I like it when the free gift is stickers.  Nowadays I don’t get it so much because there isn’t any Doctor Who actually on but my Mum usually gets me a copy if I’m feeling down.

6. I have to put “Do Something Creative” on my To Do list every now and then or I get stressed.  I no longer have a proper to do list but I do lots of drawing now.


7. I don’t like it when people choose the date of their birthday as their favourite number. I don’t know why.   Actually I think I do know why, I think it’s because it shows a lack of imagination.


8. I have an irrational fear of death. Although not my own. I’m not scared of anything else because I can find logical reasons not to be.     This is still very much true, the summer before year 8 my Grandma died whilst I was away from home without my parents and so now I’m scared of coming home from trips alone to find that someone else has died in my absence.


9.I talk to myself in mirrors as if I’m watching myself vlogging on youtube I even show the mirror random things that are around me as if someone’s watching.   Erm.. yeh… I still do this.


10. I only really developed my love for Harry Potter about a month AFTER the last book came out. I wanted to be part of the hype.   It makes me feel kind of like a cheater actually.


11. I don’t understand why sometimes I just can’t spell things. I make out like it’s some kind of joke that I’m the worst speller in the year or whatever but I actually find it really embarrassing, annoying and a real encumbrance.


12. I made two spelling mistakes in point 11 and felt really pissed off by the red squiggly lines.   I think it was embarrassing and encumbrance that I got wrong and I had to look and check them again this time round.

13. I correct people’s grammar automatically because my mum has been correcting mine since I learnt to talk. And it drives me insane.


 14. I barely ever speak to anyone from my primary school anymore even my old best friend who quite literally lives around the corner from me.  I only sometimes wish that I did though.


15. I accidentally wrote that I was 16 in my diary entry about Snow Day when I don’t stop being 15 for another 2 weeks. I didn’t even realise I’d done it until I read it back a couple of days ago.  Woah, maybe this list is from longer ago tan I thought… anyway, I just felt 16 for quite a long time before i was.


16. Nearly all of the books I’ve read in the past year and a bit have been recommended to me by he same person. And she doesn’t even know she’s recommending them to me.  More recently I’ve read alot of books the English department have recommended but I still make a note of the books she recommends.


17. I have 4 major goals in my life right now, Firstly to get all A*s in my GCSEs or at least more than Ben Hodgson so that’s more than 6, Secondly to get all As at A-level, Thirdly to go to Oxford Uni, Fourthly to be on University Challenge. I want to do these four things because I know they are what would make my dad proud. Goal 1. Complete, I may not have got all A*s but I beat Ben Hodgson.


18. I have a big secret, that isn’t really mine. Four of my friends know and I wish two of them didn’t. I think an old friend also knows and I kind of hope she does because even though we don’t talk much anymore I still think she’s cool and nice and stuff.   More people know now but a couple of my really good friends don’t, I think I’ll try and tell them tomorrow.


19. I have a secret wish to be a writer but I don’t think I’m good enough at it. Still very much true on both accounts and I will be taking part in NaNoWriMo this November,


20. I had to stop writing a story about my friends and I living in an imaginary flat because I sort of started fancying someone who I wrote about a lot and after he moved in with us I knew it had gone a bit far. Especially seeing as in real life he’s about 10 years older than us.     This was embarrassing even when no one knew, in my defense I’d like to say that the character I was writing changed into someone very different to the real life person and quite a bit younger.


21. I have a shoe box full of a whole bunch of random things from the past all of which have a story behind them. For some reason, recently I havn’t added anything to the box.


22. I haven’t been to the cinema in over 14 months. I’ve been three times since I wrote this, twice for the same movie.


23. Even though I know I’ve got the Library prefect post in the bag for Upper Sixth part of me still wants to try out for Head Girl.   I’ve never ever been voted into any kind of role. Only about 2 people voted for me for Head Girl in my primary school and I only ever got to be a school councilor in year 2 because the teacher chose rather than us having a vote that happened every other year.


24. I have a mountain of things to do tomorrow and I don’t think all of them are going to get done but I’m afraid to admit this to myself because I know whatever happens it’ll all be alright eventually. I honestly don’t remember how this turned out or even which work it was.


25. I’m really good at telling lies. That sounds like I’m blowing my own trumpet but I don’t always see it as a good thing. I tell lies constantly sometime to amuse sometimes to conceal and sometimes because I can’t be bother with the finer details of the truth. Usually in these sorts of memes I lie a lot. Not one of the facts is a lie, but I think I’d be more comfortable with this list if they all were. Very much still the case.

PostScript Thank god I have a free first thing tomorrow.